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Parts and functions


Connecting via app

Prepare for connection

  • Turn on the humidifier, smartphone and Wi-Fi router.

  • A stable Wi-Fi connection is required. Connect where the signal is strong or near the Wi-Fi router.

  • Connect your mobile phone to the Wi-Fi network.

  • Use a compatible smartphone (Android or iOS) to scan the QR code inside the product packaging to download the KAKAO FRIENDS HOME app.

Log in

  1. Open the KAKAO FRIENDS HOME app and select “Start with KakaoTalk.”
    You can use your KakaoTalk account to log in without having to sign up.


Connect to the app

  1. Open the haze cover of the product.

  2. There is a power outlet at the bottom of the product. Connect the supplied adaptor.

  3. Press the Wi-Fi/Reset button for about 5 seconds. (Wi-Fi status indicator LED should blink in white)

  4. Touch [Connect to device] on KAKAO HOME.

  5. Connect WiFi following the instructions.

  6. Pour water into the water tank and make sure it does not exceed the MAX WATER LINE.

  7. Place the haze cover on top. Place the humidifier on a flat surface.


Using the device without app connection

*Features such as notifications and timer are not available if using without connecting via app.

  1. Open the haze cover and store accessories and other components in a safe place.

  2. There is a power outlet at the bottom of the product. Connect the supplied adaptor.

  3. Pour water into the water tank and make sure it does not exceed the MAX WATER LINE.

  4. Place the haze cover on top. Place the humidifier on a flat surface.


How to use

  1. The humidifier remains in an off state when connecting power to the device for the first time.

  2. Press the mode selection button for about 0.5 seconds to turn on the humidifier.

  3. Mode 1: Low humidification (1 LED light)
    Mode 2: Medium humidification (2 LED lights)
    Mode 3: High humidification (3 LED lights)

  4. Press the mode selection button for about 2 seconds to turn off the humidifier. When you restart the humidifier, it automatically operates in the previous mode.

  5. If the LED lights up in red, it means you need to refill the water.


How to refill

  1. Press the mode selection button for about 2 seconds to turn the product off before refilling the water.

  2. Remove the haze cover from the body.

  3. Pour purified or bottled water into the water tank using a water bottle, cup, etc. When pouring water, be careful not to let the water enter the air outlet.

  4. Do not exceed the MAX WATER LINE indicating the recommended water amount (500 ml).

  5. Check if the protector under the haze cover is properly in place. Place the haze cover back on top of the body.


How to clean

  1. Clean the inside of the humidifier’s haze cover with the enclosed cleaning brush.

  2. You can separate the protector from the haze cover.

  3. Make sure to put on the enclosed water cap before cleaning.

  4. Do not wash upside down under running water. It may cause product failure.

  5. You may find water that was used to clean the product leaks under the water tank. It is not a product malfunction. Please use the product as normal. If water leaks under the water tank, wipe it and let it dry in a cool place and use it.


  • The humidifier doesn’t turn on.

    - Please check if the AC/DC adaptor is properly connected.

  • The power is properly connected, but the humidifier does not work.

    - Please check if the status indicator LED is in red. If red, it means water needs to be filled.
    - If the device still does not work after filling water in the water tank, turn off the device and restart it.

  • Wi-Fi connection doesn’t work.

    - Please check if the Wi-Fi router (Wi-Fi AP) is operating normally.
    - Press the Wi-Fi/reset button at the bottom of the humidifier for about 5 seconds to reconnect to Wi-Fi.

  • The humidifier is not detected on the KAKAO FRIENDS HOME app.

    - Place the device and the smartphone less than 1 meter apart from each other for Bluetooth connection, and try again.

  • I can’t update the firmware.

    - Check the Wi-Fi connection.

Safety Instructions


  • Use the provided standard charging adaptor (24V/1A) only.

  • Do not use multiple power plugs in one power outlet.

  • Do not insert or touch the power plug with wet hands.

  • Do not insert a power plug in a loose power outlet.

  • Disconnect the power plug when it is not used for an extended period.

  • Do not pull the cable or power cord to disconnect it from the power outlet.

  • Do not bend the power cable excessively or damage it by placing a heavy object on it.

  • Installation

  • Do not place flammable products around the product (e.g. sprays, petrol, gas).

  • Do not install the product under a power outlet.

  • Do not place the product near a heating appliance.

  • Do not use near electronic products (e.g. TV, radio, microwave).

  • Do not use under direct sunlight or near inverter-powered lighting equipment and automatic detection sensors.

  • Do not use the device where flammable gas is leaking or can leak.

  • Do not install the product directly against wind.

  • Install the product in an indoor space away from direct sunlight.

  • Place the product at least 10 cm away from walls and surrounding objects.

  • Carrying the product upside down may cause the upper part to fall off.

  • All products are inspected before packing, and there may be traces of water and fine scratches on the vibrator and bottom.

  • Cleaning

  • Put on the water cap before cleaning.

  • Unplug the power cord before cleaning.

  • If the product generates any strange noise, odor or smoke, unplug the power cord immediately and call the customer service center.

  • Do not use flammable sprays or liquid detergents.

  • Do not let children clean or handle the product without adult supervision.

  • Use a clean dry cloth to clean the outer surface of the device.

  • The vibrator is very vulnerable to impact and scratches, so be careful when cleaning.

  • Usage

  • When filling or emptying the water tank, make sure water does not enter the air outlet. If a large amount of water flows into the air outlet, it may cause a malfunction.

  • Do not use hot water.

  • Do not use vinegar for cleaning.

  • Do not put in a dishwasher or sterilizer.

  • Do not add any additives (e.g. aromatic/essential oils).

  • Do not wash the body under running water or immerse it in water when cleaning.

  • Do not disassemble, remodel or repair the device at your discretion.

  • Do not cause shock to the device.

  • Keep away from the reach of children and animals.

  • Do not place the device in confined spaces (e.g. drawers, cabinets).

  • Do not use near microwaves.

  • Do not use near electronic products (e.g. TV, radio, microwave).

  • Do not insert foreign objects (e.g. pins, fingers, nails) into the air intake and vapor outlet.

  • Make sure to use the device with an appropriate amount of water.

  • Clean water or drinking water is recommended for humidification, and tap water can also be used.

  • Using contaminated water (e.g. water containing lime or rust) may cause a malfunction. Be sure to use purified or bottled water.

  • Use the water tank in a clean condition free from foreign substances.

  • Use it on a level and flat place.

  • Change the water once a day, and empty the water when not in use.

  • Moisture may form around if used for a long time or continuously on level 3.

  • The amount of humidification will decrease if you put too much water exceeding the recommended amount.

  • Keep a minimum distance of 50 cm from surrounding objects.

  • The amount of humidification may decrease and cause product failure if the vapor outlet is blocked or there is an obstacle nearby.

  • Put the device back in the original packaging if not used, and store in a safe place.

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